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GB - About

About BP Remit
BP Remit is an instant money transfer service
with headquarters in the UK and representative offices
in Poland and Hungary.
Сloser to you
Our agent network has more than 120 thousand points in 150 countries and is constantly expanding.
High security standards
In 2020, our credit rating is 77 out of 100 according to Experian Business (23/01/2020).
Families trust us
In 2019, in the first year of the service, BP Remit customers sent more than 200 thousand transfers.
Even more simple, fast and friendly
Easy shipping 24/7
Online or at the agent’s nearest office, without opening an account, without queues. In pounds, euros, dollars or in the currency of the recipient.
Quick enrollment
In cash, to a card or to an account. Our feature is the instant crediting of transfers to a bank account.
Friendly rates
We offer the most favorable rates for transfers and help customers save up to 50% on sending fees.
Each BP Remit service point
is not just a point on the map
It is a place where you are welcome and feel welcome, our agents are always willing to help. We strongly believe that small local companies are the best when it comes to building warm relationships with customers. Therefore, we support and work with small businesses, such as, retail stores, delivery services, service centers etc.
It’s very easy to get started with us.
All of our agents receive free online technical support and assistance via a dedicated communication line 24/7/365. Hence, if you face a problem of any sort, our support team is always there for you!