For Agents

Become an Agent of BP Remit
What is it like being an agent?
An opportunity to increase your revenue by performing International Money Transfers with zero investments!
Become an agent
Acquire new customers
Settlement payout agreement that is based on your desired currency and your schedule
We provide staff training and support for our agents on a regular basis
Even more profitable
An opportunity to earn an Agent fee from each remittance!
You receive money from each and every remittance that is sent and paid out. Therefore, the more remittances you make as an agent, the bigger profit you receive.
Set your own payout schedule
You set your own payout schedule and choose the convenient time when to receive your fee: daily or once a month, partially or in a full amount.
Start making money
with zero investments
A free Technology with a smart and simple interface including: Automated Data Validation, a set of Reports and Employee Management System Functions.
24/7 Full technical and legal support
Even more simple
How to get registered?
We are here to explain the legal aspects of cooperation and being part of us
Sending a remittance at the click of a button
We train your staff in your language
Workplace equipment
Make sure that you have a computer, scanner or printer

* We will assist and help you, when you require so. Our aim is to create the most comfortable working environment. BP Remit manager will answer any questions that you have.

Even more friendly
Personal Manager
Our manager will help you to understand the requirements of AML policy. The most important task of our manager is to introduce you to the system and calculate your settlements.
24/7 Agent Support
Our support team is always there for you. Any time, any day.
Email us to become an Agent of BP Remit
And increase your income!